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Learn more about the artist 'Cherie Laurent ' and  from her incredible biography, awards, media releases & testimonials.


Like a fairytale from a children’s story book, the Australian TV star & Singer/Songwriter Cherie Laurent has a glamorous and exotic background. Cherie blossomed as a child of love in a time of war. Escaping the harsh reality of war, Cherie later flourished to her potential as a singer/songwriter, actress, TV host, Producer, Director, Fashion Designer, and icon of style.

Cherie was born in Baghdad, a place that people associate with Sinbad the sailor, The Magic Lamp, and The Flying carpet. From an exotic background, she was the love child of a Persian man with an Arabian beauty that fell in love during war time when Cherie was born. Cherie escaped to the western world and embraced herself with a new type of Freedom and culture that she loved. She made the land down under her new home and from there she started to create her legacy and future to the world that was filled with colors, art, music and telling true stories about humanity on her TV show Ma Cherie TV where she also showcases her songs and music videos. The Ma Cherie TV show reaches people all around the world and her program has a profound effect on people that makes them feel, smile, cry, laugh and above all making a positive change in their lives.       

At the age of 15, Cherie was cast as an extra in a film. This piqued her interest in acting, singing, painting, and photography. She began her journey with rigorous training in acting and dancing lessons, gaining numerous parts as an extra in several television commercials. On the set of an TV advertisement, young Cherie was spotted by a modelling scout that started her on a path into the wild world of high fashion and modelling. That gave her a great opportunity to travel internationally and experience the world’s culture and beauty.


Cherie has proven to be versatile, well-trained, and a talented actress. Ms. Laurent demonstrated that she can adapt herself to any role, from drama, comedy, action, and musicals. Cherie’s first film ‘THE MESSAGE’ is a film that Cherie Laurent wrote, directed, produced, and starred in. The film also played over 15 international film festivals around the world and was chosen as a finalist of “The Queer film festival” in Sydney, Australia. ‘THE MESSAGE’ also received numerous Television screenings on international networks.