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An exciting season of feature films where Cherie not only writes, directs, and produces but also plays the lead role in her  feature film titled “Free Me from You”.  This film captures the excitement, sexual heat, and inherent heartache of a "non-traditional" boy meets girl. Other films this season written and produced by Cherie Laurent includes ‘Shoe Lover’, ‘Male Whore’, ‘Escape to Eden’, ‘Shiron Sunday School’ and a 2-part account from Genesis with beautiful and mesmerizing, sights, and images along with sound and narration which gives us a breathtaking journey on how God created the heavens and the earth. Also, a story about the journey of one woman's life named Emily. Cherie also introduces a new concept to the ‘Ma Cherie’ show called ‘Don & Cherie’, a type of interview / talk show where they discuss various hot topics that concern us today. A highly informative new series along with beautiful artwork, images, sounds and scenery which we are sure you’ll find mesmerizing to watch.

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