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Welcome to
Cherie Laurent's 
Ma CherieTV


Ma-Cherie is an exciting new series for television, produced and directed by the Australian filmmaker Cherie Laurent.


Each episode of Ma Cherie runs in a 30-minute format.  Cherie has created over 159 episodes across 13 seasons.

Using her wide array of skills to surprise the viewers, each season has a different theme.


It is an Avant-Garde TV show


which combines the general elements of :-


high-class drama, comedy, music, art, beauty, sexuality, politics, life experiences, discovery,


which will make you think, question, understand, realize and perhaps even persuade you to make a change.

Cherie’s artistic creativity accompanied with beautiful sounds, takes the viewers on an amazing journey which will make you feel, smile, cry, and awaken within you a sense of ecstasy.


Exploring different hot topics, she explores places all around the world, with passion, glamour, and sensuality of a surreal reality world.

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Cherie Laurent in her continuation of the show ‘Don & Cherie’, introduces several new songs that have been written and produced by Cherie herself. She also created, acted, directed, and produced the music videos. Cherie expresses herself in music from life experiences such as ‘Down on Me’ where it expresses inequality in the world today. She pours out her heart in a confession-like style describing the communication struggle with her dad with her new song titled “You Never Understand” which will also be part of her new biographical film and musical. A truly magical season, including conversation, art and music of self-expression.



an open conversation that’s uncensored, truthful, open and honest type of interview / talk show

where they discuss various hot topics from:-

music, art, beauty, sexuality, politics, life experiences and discovery

that will make you think, question, understand, realize and even invite you to make a change.


A highly informative new series along with beautiful artwork, images, sounds and scenery which we are sure you’ll find mesmerizing

and informative.